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I am Asibur

crazy web developer

I build code drop daily to help others to learn coding in an easy way. I believe, everyone has the ability to learn to code. All we need is, without following basic tutorials, to try to build the real things from the very first day! Yes, while you building a real thing, either it takes a month or a year by following other tutorials, you will automatically learn basic concepts plus how to implement that concept in real life. That’s what I am going to cover on this site. Both in English and Bangla.

I Cover Tutorials On

I love to explore different programming languages. However, it should not be good at all to explore more and more languages that are even not related to each other. My Main Focus on Web Development, Machine Learning & Data Science.

Web Development

I cover tutorials on web development technology like- PHP & Node JS- The Backend Tech I Love.


I love to build web things using JavaScript and React. So you will get their tutorial as well.


Building Automatic Things with Python really a fun way to learn Python deeply. That's what I Do!

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